ONYX Youth Hub

Our Narratives Yet Xplained (ONYX) hub is a youth-led organisation that works with Black youth age 11-25 to take an active and positive role in transforming the society they live in. We recognise that young people are central to decision making and are catalysts for change, as such, ONYX youth lead the organisations’ activities. We support young people with their learning, ambitions and aspirations, by running projects co-produced by them.  The projects are often creative, and they enable young people to learn and develop transferable skills in many different areas.  We also provide skills-building training and volunteering opportunities, as well as access to career advice to increase their chances of accessing higher education and/or employment, through apprenticeships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide access opportunities for all Black youth so that they can thrive within their chosen endeavours.


What we want to achieve

How we achieve our aims

Recognise young people’s unique experiences of culture, family, community and sometimes trauma, to understand their challenges and work with community organisations, volunteers and statutory agencies to offer personalised support

Engage and enable young people using ‘learn by doing’ participatory methods rather than more traditional classroom-based pedagogical approaches that have often failed to engage young people from ethnic and low socio-economic backgrounds.

Build strength-based personal development plans, and encourage creativity, self-belief and limitless ambition and assist in developing good social networks.

To improve self-esteem and self-confidence by empowering young people to participate in decision making.

Partner with local employers to create real opportunities and conditions for Black youth to access work and voluntary opportunities.

Meet Our Team

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